Shinest Technology

Pivoting by efficiently leveraging existing assets to secure global competitiveness. Providing infrastructure for AI-based self-service business operation and service platform construction



SLM(Generative AI)

The explosive changes driven by the limitless potential of generative AI have created high expectations. Witnessing the capabilities of generative AI, ranging from solving business problems, enhancing productivity, and improving customer experiences to venturing into the once uniquely human domain of creativity, we are not only experiencing the AI era directly in industries but also among the general public


The AI chatbot Addie is based on deep learning and serves as a product for user-AI communication, allowing users to easily train chatbot data. Recently, ChatGPT technology has been integrated, enabling its application in various industries. It can be applied in diverse fields such as call centers and voice chatbot communication.

Virtual Human(Voice Chatbot, Voice cloning, Deepfake)

The AI virtual human AddHue technology implements 3D virtual humans using software tools. Alongside virtual human creation, it seamlessly integrates STT (Speech-to-Text) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) technologies, allowing easy addition of voice capabilities. It also provides conversational abilities by integrating with chatbot technology. Leveraging the AddHue virtual human software authoring tool facilitates easy application of virtual humans in various domains.

Video analysis(facial recognition, fire detection, anomaly detection, and AI-based Waterproof Device)

Facial recognition technology is a technique that identifies individuals by recognizing their facial features. It utilizes computer vision and deep learning technologies to extract features from faces and compares them with a database to find matching information.

R.STORM(Recommendation Engine)

R.Storm collects real-time data on customers' basic information and purchasing patterns when using online shopping malls, providing personalized and tailored product recommendations

Block Chain


Through blockchain technology, we ensure transparency and reliability in the fields of 'identity verification, personal data management, and credential verification.' The integration with facial recognition solutions enhances personal information security.

Voting/Drawing lots

Utilizing blockchain technology to provide fairness, accuracy, trust, integrity, and transparency in voting services. All information related to the voting process is stored on the blockchain, and distributed ledger technology is applied to each node to ensure reliability and transparency.

Exchange Building

To enhance security using blockchain technology, it is essential to implement traditional security measures such as SSL certificates, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, establish security policies, and conduct security training


Managing multi-chain assets such as BTC, ETH, ADP, SOL, KLAY, etc., with continuous additions planned for upcoming mainnets. Utilizing various De-Apps within the Adapter ecosystem for WEB3.0 services. NFT asset management and operating an NFT Marketplace within the wallet.

Convergence / Contents


The de-identification solution SDGUARD is an integrated solution for de-identifying sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) data held by businesses.


Interactive de-identification technology can remove the burden of information disclosure during online conversations by protecting users' personal information related to various social media communities, chat services, online banking services, and search words. In particular, the need for this solution is increasing because various searches are conducted with the advent of ChatGPT, and the protection of such search data is also required. It is a solution that can be optimized and responded to these market conditions.


VPN technology establishes a virtual private network over the internet to protect user data and enhance security.