AI Block Chain Convergence

Full-fledged growth in the global market

Pivoting to secure global competitiveness by efficiently leveraging existing assets. Providing AI-based infrastructure for self-service business operations and service platform development

Maximizing synergy through the composition of business portfolios using Artificial Intelligence technology-based Service & Platform
A company that makes customers' lives even more convenient through innovative technology and services
Efficiently addressing the needs of domestic and international companies by combining our own technology, service business experience, and key technological elements from strategic partnerships across industries
A company that creates new value through continuous research and development
Facilitating global market entry by leveraging the AI technology of strategic partners and SHINEST's own technological expertise
A company with a competitive edge in the global market, grounded in technological expertise and service excellence

Shinest Value

Shinest aims to provide innovative services to customers through artificial intelligence technology and contribute to creating a better world

sLLM Infra

Shinest is focusing on providing an infrastructure that can efficiently respond to the newly unfolding IT environment with convergence services and solutions based on it technology such as AI/SLM and blockchain-based technology.

Since 2018, Shinest has secured and provided related technologies by focusing on blockchain technologies at home and abroad, and has been providing K-pop fandom platform "podoal." In addition, it operates services such as the beauty platform "Beauty Tab," an AI-based automatic learning evaluation system "AIPot," a voice cloning service of celebrities "AIVGEN," a Korean language level test service "yalliTestprep" based on its online service platform commercialization capabilities and proven technological prowess. It is also expanding its ecosystem into FinTech businesses.
Shinest always combines the latest IT technologies and communities with a thirst for newness and a spirit of challenge to make beneficial changes around the world.

Shinest Business History

Pivoting by efficiently leveraging existing assets to secure global competitiveness. Providing infrastructure for AI-based self-service business operation and service platform construction

Solid technical capabilities and human resources

Securing global competitiveness in AI with solid technical capabilities and human resources

A robust AI engine Self-developed technology
Possessing core competencies in AI for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, developing advanced level AI technologies, and large-scale language models (LLM)
Securing of AI-specialized engineering infrastructure.
Since 2014, securing excellent human resources with master's and doctoral degrees in big data and AI development, both domestically and internationally
Securing external trustworthiness
Awarded the Prime Minister's Prize for Software Industry Development and the Minister of SMEs and Startups Prize, with 18 patents registered (total of 35 patent applications).