Shinest Services

Pivoting by efficiently leveraging existing assets to secure global competitiveness. Providing infrastructure for AI-based self-service business operation and service platform construction




Global K-pop fandom community platform
PODOAL hosts various official votes and awards votes on various topics, supporting artists along with fandom. In addition, it provides entertainment content such as K-pop quizzes and game-like missions, along with artist-specific communities, facilitating communication and interaction among global fans.


Global AI Celeb Service Platform
Using AI technology to clone and generate a celebrity's voice, integrating with AI and chatbots to provide a service for delivering morning calls, congratulatory messages, etc. This platform advances the communication between fans and celebrities from the traditional text format to interactive audio conversations.


Korean Level Test Service

Providing a perfect Korean language level test service for global Hallyu users based on iBT (Internet-based Test) using artificial intelligence technology.
Using artificial intelligence technology, we provide a Korean language level test service for global Hallyu users based on iBT (Internet-based Test). Global users can test their Korean language proficiency anytime, anywhere and receive certification through KREN (Korea Education ICT Network). Based on this, we aim to build an ecosystem related to Korean language learning by collaborating with content providers (CPs) to offer optimized personalized learning services to each user. Additionally, we strive to contribute to resolving social issues in South Korea, such as employment in local public organizations, rural populations, and the shortage of incoming students in local universities, by strengthening the royalty of related value chains in K-content

AI Pot

Convenient and accurate learner evaluation through a generative AI-based student-customized analysis system
AIPOT provides personalized assessments for student learning evaluations and assists teachers in student management through individual student emotional and behavioral analysis services. With AIPOT, automatic grading is performed for multiple-choice, short-answer, and even descriptive questions. The analysis results provided can generate personalized assessment reports for students.

Cloi E.T

Enhancing English speaking skills through an educational robot equipped with a conversational AI chatbot
Through interactive English learning with the conversational English robot CLOi E.T, learners can naturally acquire English sentences and enhance their English-speaking abilities. With CLOi E.T, learners can experience innovative English education by not only focusing on speaking but also incorporating writing and reading skills


The world's easiest and most user-friendly voxel (block-building) based 3D modeling program
TadaCraft is a domestic 3D modeling program that allows easy creation of 3D design content needed not only for maker education and STEM education but also for the metaverse. With just 30 minutes of learning, anyone can easily and quickly create 3D content.


Alongside virtual human creation

The AI virtual human AddHue technology implements 3D virtual humans using software tools.
Alongside virtual human creation, it seamlessly integrates STT (Speech-to-Text) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) technologies, allowing easy addition of voice capabilities. It also provides conversational abilities by integrating with chatbot technology. Leveraging the AddHue virtual human software authoring tool facilitates easy application of virtual humans in various domains


This service creates artistic works by merging images using deep learning technology.
The AI painter DeepGallery creates artworks in the style of famous painters like Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh, allowing users to exhibit them as NFT content in the metaverse space. It learns various styles such as oil painting, prints, and sketches to generate artworks in the desired style chosen by the user.


Enjoying every moment within the Adapter ecosystem
Adapter creates a joyful world connected by blockchain, growing value together with users and partners, with the spirit of fairness, sharing, and trust. Every moment enjoyed in the Adapter ecosystem is transformed into value.


BeautyTap, where everyone becomes beautiful
Easily and conveniently book hair salon appointments! Automatically accrue mileage points as your referrals increase! A hair salon service where everyone becomes beautiful and happy. Use mileage points instead of cash for payments when using the hair salon service.


Platform for Senior Employment, Job Searching, and Entrepreneurial Support
AI-specialized job platform(with AI job matching services and AI automated resume/introduction). Conducting employment and entrepreneurship education, and government-affiliated projects for startup support. Exclusive services for each branch of the Senior Citizens Association


Senior Concierge Service
Messenger-based, offering senior concierge (total service) including reservation/booking, purchasing agent services, and lifestyle/medical services. Provides regional announcements and news alerts for each senior association branch.


Adpater Wallet

Managing DApps within the Adapter ecosystem through Adapter Wallet
As the official wallet at the foundation of the ecosystem, the Adapter Wallet allows for the secure sending and receiving of various cryptocurrencies and digital assets, including NFTs. Through the Adapter Wallet, users can conveniently access blockchain-based services such as managing DApps and in-game items within the Adapter ecosystem.


B2B (Business-to-Business) trade revenue-backed tokenized securities business
SUGAR LINK analyzes and designs new business opportunities and demands formed by trends that go beyond traditional business domains and converge. It creates and implements various business models to meet market needs, providing services to fulfill the evolving demands of the market